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  • Real bonding of all connection bandwidths with / without TCP optimizing
  • Quality of Service / traffic shaping
  • NAT and port forwarding
  • Monitoring (graphical and remote-syslog)
  • Unlimited number of VPN tunnels and VPN client connections (SSL / AES)
  • Rule-based routing
  • Traffic accounting via external server
  • Multi-user web administration system
  • Redundancy System / Failover


The Multichannel VPN Hub serves as VPN concentrator for the VPN tunnels built by the Multichannel VPN Routers for transferring data via several bundled broadband lines. These bundles are then terminated in star topology with a Multichannel VPN Hub in a data center. There, the data is decrypted and forwarded to its original destination. This model offers not only a higher bonding performance but also a number of integrated additional features. Among them are the Hub Redundancy System and Extended SNMP Monitoring. With its bonding capacity of up to 400 MBit/s, the Multichannel VPN Hub 2020 offers enough performance to run large company networks. The optional Hub Tunnel Segmentation allows or terminating several different customers on the same VPN Hub with their data traffic being completely separated from each other. Thus, the Multichannel VPN Hub is perfectly suited for ISPs.

Technical Specifications

  • Enclosure format: 19" 1 U
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 435 x 44 x 235 mm
  • Weight (ca.): 3.3 kg
  • Power rating: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Power supply: Integrated IEC Socket
  • Working temperature: 0-35° C
  • Fans: Number / Regulation / Control: 2 / included / included
  • LAN Interface: GBit Ethernet
  • WAN Interface GBit Ethernet
  • Maximum current consumption 400 mA
  • Maximum power consumption: 40 Watt
  • Typical power consumption: 35 Watt
  • SNMP Basic / Extended: included / included
  • Hub Redundancy System: included
  • Bonding capacity MBit/s: 400


Hot Plug Modules

Streaming Optimization
Viprinet VPN Client
Hub Tunnel Segmentation

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